There is great potential in trade shows to enhance your product's visibility to greater numbers of consumers.Through trade show participation, you have the opportunity to promote any new and current products that may be available, as well as generate leads and land many sales.

There are such great benefits in participating in trade shows that many businesses recognize the potential, and participate annually in trade shows to reap these benefits.

Consider this fact - you only have three seconds to attract the attention of a passerby, so your trade show display must appeal to your target audience's interests. Your display must effectively communicate who you are, what you do, and how your company can help them.

Impact Group offers a variety of visual services that will make your company's display visually appealing and stand out from the other exhibitors:


Services Available:

• Design and drafting services

• Scenic painting & construction

• Custom prop fabrication

• Custom cabinetry

• Prototypes

• Sculptures

• Stock rental or assignment

• On-site installation

• Mobile capabilities


Rental Booth Displays

Impact Group now offers basic, truss system booth displays to rent. These systems are available for multiple day use, are easy to assemble yourself, or let Impact Group assemble it for you at your trade show site.


Custom Booth Displays

Our creative designers will help you select attention-getting visuals that will make your company stand out at any trade show. Design, fabrication, and installation services are all available to create any size of display. The possibilities are endless.