Whether you are a scenic designer for a theater, or a church program director needing props for your next church production, many directors find Impact Group a reliable source for their scenic needs.

With strong theater arts backgrounds, our designers know what to suggest and how to work within your budget to achieve maximum results with any size production.

From custom stage set designs to small hand props, Impact Group has many of those hard-to-find props. Impact Group's warehouse is filled with unique props, scenery, and stock flat units perfect for your next theatrical production.


Client's Testimonial:

"We have been working with Impact Group for years. In my opinion, they are an amazing and unique company of artists and businessmen who have the vision, artistry, chemistry, and perseverance to see any project to its fruition...from detailed painting and construction, to abstract design work, they have the experience and expertise to meet all of our needs...they are collaborators and colleagues in the truest sense of the words."

- Brian Fonseca, Phoenix Theatre