RIGHT CLICK and select SAVE LINK AS.. to download our full color Express Sets BrImpact Express Sets are inclusive stage set packages designed with our clients in mind who have little time to plan their events.

We've streamlined the creative process by offering six unique stage sets designs with pre-determined rental pricing for delivery within the Indianapolis, IN area. Each stage set includes the labor costs for the stage set's delivery, set-up, and dismantle services during normal business days and work hours.

What is included in the pricing for each Impact Express Set?

• Stage set rental charges (as listed for each configuration)

• Delivery, set-up, and dismantle service charges for each proposed equipment package (excluding unusual late night, weekend, or early morning hours)

• Use of stage set decor up to (3) days at the quoted rental price (over 4 days - quoted upon request)

Impact Group - Express Set - acrylic-screen-large  Impact Group - Express Set - Industrial Medium  Impact Group - Express Set - elegant-small


What is not included in the pricing for each Impact Express Set?

• Sales tax - if applicable

• Any audio, lighting, and video equipment (including video screens and dress kits)

• Stage decks, carpeting, step units, and skirting (unless otherwise noted)

• Background drapery (unless otherwise noted)

• Additional labor and transportation services for orders outside Indianapolis, IN

Impact Group - Express Set - Wire Mesh and Girders Large  Impact Group - Express Set - Truss-and-Strech Fabric Small  Impact Group - Express Set - patina-large 


To Order:

Select a stage set design and the size of set you wish to use, then contact Impact Group to see if it's available on your event dates. One of our project managers will check the availability of the set and complete the paperwork to confirm your order.

In addition, your project manager will coordinate all other details with your facility's contact person.


It's that easy!