It’s a proven fact – corporate events and meetings are best remembered when a unique blend of entertainment, visuals, and interactive components appeal to all of your audience’s emotional senses throughout the entire program.

Think back to the last time you attended a meeting or special event at a Hotel or Convention Center. Do you remember the average looking registration area, or the boring, black skirted meeting break table in the hallway?

Now imagine a fun, thematic tiki hut inspired registration desk, or a fun, colorful food truck prop with wait staff serving coffee and donuts for the morning meeting break. Which moments are you more likely to remember?



Here are some fun ways to create a thematic bar station for any occasion.  

Impact Group - 3-Sided-Execu-Style-Wood-Bar-Station    Impact  Group - 50's-Soda-Fountain     Impact Group - Four-Sided-Glass-Block-Bar

Impact Group - White-Decorative-Bar-Fronts      Impact Group - Glass-Block-Bar-Front-with-Coordinating-Backbar     Impact Group - Contemporary-Patina-Accent-Bar     Impact Group - Contemporary-Patina-Divider-Screen-Panels



Meeting break times are under utilized moments of the day that, with proper visuals, become key moments to energize your attendees.

Impact group - Food-Truck-Prop  Impact Group - Bahama-Juice-Bar-Station  Impact Group - Egyptian-Catering-Station   Impact Group - Tailgating-Theme-Pick-Up-Truck-Prop   Impact Group - Vendor's-Cart-Catering-Station



This is the first space your attendees enter, so make it fun and get them in the spirit for things to come! 

Impact Group - Race-Theme-Bar-Station    Tiki Hut Registration Booth   Eco Friendly Registration Booths   Carnival Theme Registration Area